Do You Struggle With Real Estate Investing?


Need help building a trusted local team? Struggling to find great deals? Have you flopped on your last filp? Need help finding off-market real estate? Are you strategizing so much that your brain hurts? Feel Stuck?


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ThisREI Helps Guide:

  • Out-of-state investors needing on the ground support
  • People just getting started
  • Real estate speculators
  • Long-term buy-and-hold investors
  • Active investors
  • Passive investors

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Create Wealth
Create a clear and compelling plan that creates wealth.


Lock in profits
We will guide you, so you no longer overpay for investment properties.


Become a Real Estate Master
You will create a robust personal plan and filter out distractions.


What Makes ThisREI Different?

We get it... It's about you, your investment, your wealth.

ThisREI understands that you are the HERO of your story,  we are your guide. 

ThisREI is an open source relationship. We guide and share the ins and outs of our success as investors in real estate. We want you to benefit from what we know. 


What’s My Investment? Time.

  • How many deals do you pass on because you are not sure if it is a good investment?
  • How much is unguided investing costing?
  • How many great deals do miss because you are swimming in the sea of MLS listings?
  • There are many ways to make money in real estate, what is right for you? Which are distracting you from success? 
  • A lack of guidance may already be costing you a great deal.
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In the workshop, we will find out essential insights about you, the hero, who is on a journey.

When it comes to a real estate investment strategy a, "one size fits all" does not work.

Sign up for a no cost (other than some time well spent) guided personal workshop with ThisREI.

ThisREI will be your trusted guide towards wealth in real estate. 

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